#REINVEST2018 Programme: Session Details

Thursday 4 October, 2018 1430 - 1600 IST Plenary Hall 2 Session Coordinators

The Sunshine Alliance: ISA Powering Energy Access in Small Island Developing States (SIDS)

Dr P C Maithani
Adviser, MNRE
T: 011 24361830

The Small Island Developing States (SIDS) are group of developing countries facing special social, economic, and environmental vulnerabilities. As per UN statistics, there are 52 SIDS countries split into 3 geographical regions: the Caribbean, the Pacific, and the Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Mediterranean and South China Sea (AIMS). Specific circumstances of SIDS include geographical isolation, low population and limited resources. Most of the SIDS primarily rely on fossil fuel imports for their energy needs. 

SIDS face major challenges in meeting their energy needs: 

  • decentralised and fragmented locations, with sparse or no grid connection to the mainland
  • reliance on imported fuels
  • small scale generation of electricity and no benefits of economies of scale
  • very high distribution costs, hence remote areas do not have access to electricity / energy 

These apart, high cost of transportation of energy sources, relatively low income economies, non-availability of technologies, finances and capabilities leads to low level of electrification and energy consumption.

This session will serve as a platform to strengthen cooperation among ISA Member Nations to empower energy access in SIDS through information and experience sharing, removing barriers to renewables deployment, and promoting capacity building through targeted training programmes.